Saturday, December 09, 2006

Gluten-Free Joy from Sweden [A Blogging By Mail Update]

When I pulled up in front of my house today I could see a big package sticking out of the mailbox. "Could it be my Blogging By Mail package?" I wondered. Indeed, it was... And it came all the way from Stockholm, Sweden! It felt like what I can only imagine [Christian] kids feel on Christmas morning. I couldn't wait to tear it open. Inside was a lovely note from Kristina of Clivia's Cuisine telling me about Swedish Christmas traditions and explaining in detail the contents of the package:

  • A sweet coarse-grain mustard
  • Dried organic apricots from Turkey
  • A polkagris, a traditional Swedish peppermint candy
  • A box of gluten-free pepparkakor - Swedish ginger snaps! They are incredibly crisp and full of flavor. I don't speak Swedish but I got the sense from the ingredient list they were made of rice flour and potato flour, but mostly just a whole lot of sugar and margarine. So tasty!
  • Spice mix for making glogg (Swedish mulled wine), as well as Kristina's recipe for making it, and instructions on how to make an alcohol-free version.
  • Loose herbal tea, the ingredients of which I haven't figured out yet - They are listed as Vinbarsblad, Citronmeliss and Abrodd. Anyone know Swedish?
  • A wooden Christmas tree bottle stopper
I have to admit I worried that whoever I was matched with wouldn't understand the "gluten free" thing and would send me lots of things I can't eat. It was such a treat to get a package full of things I can eat. Thank you, Kristina! The package was the highlight of my day, and I can't wait to taste everything. It will be a miracle if the pepparkakor last more than 24 hours!


Clivia said...

Hi there, I am so glad you liked everything! I can try and translate the contents of that tea later this week. It is called "live well" at least!
I have a colleague with celiac disease and asked him if there are good gluten-free gingerbread and he recommended these, glad they were so tasty!

Lynn Barry said...

What a treat, indeed. I am Swedish and gluten free so I say YAH...das is gut! I only learned a few phrases from a "Say it in Swedish" booklet years ago.
I keep thanking you for exposing me to that marvelous cashew cheese but I truly am grateful I know about it and make it all the time. All my best,
a Svenska flicka or Swedish girl...Lynn

Anonymous said...

such fun! i need to send off my package to my person. ack! tomorrow!! h

Anonymous said...

Swedish translation: "vinbärsblad" are currant leaves, "citronmeliss" is lemon balm and "åbrodd" is some sort of plant, wild I think? I hope you enjoy the tea!

ByTheBay said...

Thank you - I'm sure I will enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Vinbarsblad,Citronmeliss and Abrodd ARE ...Wine Bar Leaf, Lemon balm and Southernwood!

I was in Ukraine 2 years ago and was totally addicted to the Абрикос / Apricots from Turkey. It is so gold there a good part of the year they get a LOT of prodce based products for Turkey.

Enjoy in good health!

Love Light,