Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The signature menu

I am such a blog-slacker! Brendon of Something In Season tagged me in this post for last week's meme. I was to answer the question "What menu would you serve blogging friends for a welcome dinner upon their first dinner to your home?"

I've been pondering this for the last week, and I had a hard time with this one so I've thrown together what looks like a good meal consisting of what I consider some of my better dishes. I am a fairly simple cook, despite having worked for chefs who were French-trained, I have a tendency toward one-pot meals and wholesome ingredients. I rarely make a meal that is more than two courses, even when I'm cooking to impress. The courses of this imaginary meal are all gluten-free, of course, but are also very much in keeping with my denial about the fact that I should not be eating dairy.

Appetizer: Polenta with parmesan & sage butter*

Salad: Mixed spring greens with Bartlett pears and feta, balsamic-rosemary vinaigrette

Main course: Lemon & rosemary red lentil sauce over brown rice pasta and fresh spinach*

Dessert: My honey cake, with fresh raspberries and vanilla ice cream

*Recipes forthcoming


Anonymous said...

You are an amazing cook. I'm so hungry after looking at all these pictures and recipes. Are you married by any chance?

BTW, I'm female, and a lesbian, but I'd be willing to convert.

ByTheBay said...

Hey don't compliment my cooking before you've tasted it - It might not taste as good as it looks!

I am a queer female myself but I'm definitely not looking for an internet-arranged marriage at the moment. Sorry to disappoint ;-P