Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday's List o' Randomness

  • One of my favorite Bay Area bloggers, who also happens to be a friend, is Poet With a Day Job. Check out her writing, it's smart and funny. She shares well-crafted words about the corporatization of food and drink in Starbucks Is the New McDonalds. If you are like me, you will immediately want to go to Starbucks afterwards, and then will sit at your desk drinking your mudwater coffee with the essence of cardboard, wondering why you did that.

  • You may be someone who avoids buying food products that have biblical quotations on the packaging. Or, like me, you may find said food products particularly intriguing. Either way, Food for Life not only has an adorably animated website... They also make Black China Rice Bread, which is made of whole grains and sweetened only with a little bit of fruit juice. No gluten, no dairy. It is a deep, blackish brown color like pumpernickel bread and is tastier than the other Food for Life breads I've tried - Richer and sweeter, and would taste great alone with a little butter though I've been eating it for breakfast with almond butter and raspberry jam.

  • Lesson from last night's dinner: If you're making a green curry, and the vegetables end up exceedingly mushy from being overcooked... Throw the whole thing in the blender and make it into a creamy soup, and no one will ever know.

  • GlutenFreeGirl's flourless peanut butter cookies are tasty even when made with the wrong kind of sugar AND the wrong kind of peanut butter.


    Lynn Barry said...

    I tried to make cashew cheese after reading about the Cafe you went to, and I am pleased with it. Thanks.

    ByTheBay said...

    Lynn, will you share the recipe you used? I have some cashews sitting in water in my fridge right now which I'm going to try to make a cream sauce or mac-n-cheese sauce of some sort out of.

    Lynn Barry said...

    Zip on over to my blogsite...the recipe is there. Before it set up I spread some on crackers, then later I sliced it and made a grilled cheese sandwich with GF bread and ghee and my recipe for the cashew cheese. I CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR EXPOSING ME TO CASHEW CHEESE VIA YOU BLOGSITE. It is SO easy and yummy.
    Good luck.