Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Potential Link Between Celiac Disease And Cognitive Decline Discovered By Mayo Clinic

10/11/06 - Mayo Clinic researchers have uncovered a new link between celiac disease, a digestive condition triggered by consumption of gluten, and dementia or other forms of cognitive decline. The investigators' case series analysis -- an examination of medical histories of a group of patients with a common problem -- of 13 patients will be published in the October issue of Archives of Neurology. Click here to read more.

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Unknown said...

What's interesting is someone once told me they did this study of kids and breakfast, which was an obesity-based study which I despise but the findings were that, kids who ate breakfast were less likely to be obese than kids who did not eat breakfast. And then, of the kids who ate breakfast, those who had protein were least likely to be obese; those who had oatmeal, or other such grain, were next, with kids who ate sugar cereals (most often wheat and corn) the most likely to be obese of the breakfast eating group.

Incidentally, Karl Lagerfeld was quoted in Time Magazine this week as saying we should pay less attention to skinny models because they are naturally thin and pay more attention to the growing obesity problem in France - and what I say to Karl is - isn't the media's constantly telling us how impossibly thin we should be one of the sources causing our psychological obesity? Sorry to be so morbid and obese-minded must have been dumb Karl's comment this morning that set me off. I am just tired of thin people blaming fat people for being fat. Read something I like on it and scroll down to "Have we always made this connection between being thin and being healthy?" link: