Friday, March 23, 2007

Semi-Weekly Gluten-Free Recipe Roundup: 3/23/07

Welcome to the first springtime installment of my sorta-kinda regular recipe roundup, folks. I've corraled an incredible slew of gluten-free recipes from across the blogiverse for you. For those who haven't already discovered this, all of the Semi-Weekly Gluten-Free Recipe Roundups can be found here. Or just look for the label "Gluten-Free Recipe Roundups" in the category list in the sidebar to see all of the past posts that are labelled as roundups. This week's collection includes a family kolache recipe adapted to be gluten-free, salads for the increasingly warm weather, not one but two recipes for gluten-free Irish soda bread, and hand-made gluten-free ravioli. Bon appetit!

This Week's Featured Recipe:
"What is that delicate looking pastry in the photo?" you are wondering. That is nothing other than a Chebe Garlic Spinach Tartlets, one of the lastest creations of Seamaiden, the author of the new gluten-free blog Book of Yum. Seamaiden is truly the Queen of Chebe, using the tapioca bread mixes to craft all kinds of delicious baked goods both sweet and savory. In the list below you will see another recipe of hers, a gluten-free recrafting of the okonomiyaki pancake, which she discovered while living in Japan.

As always, some of these recipes may include ingredients that are available in both gluten-free and non-gluten-free versions, so be sure to carefully read all product labels.

This blog accepts no responsibility for over-stuffed tummies, drooling mouths, or burnt tongues.


Mrs. G.F. said...

I love the round up.

Thanks for doing it.

Kalyn Denny said...

Great collection of recipes. You must have a great system for finding them. I second the thanks.

Dianne said...

Brilliant roundup! This round up is unbelievable usefull and I have cooked a number of recipes from it!

~M said...
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~M said...

Nice disclaimer! Thanks for managing to release the roundup a week before Passover (I'm trying to buy as much in advance as possible).

The black bean link (first recipe) does not seem to be working for brings me back to the roundup.

~M said...

Glad to be of assistance, folks. M: Oops! Thank you for the feedback, I will go fix the link.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for including a link to my Tuscan bean recipe in your round-up. One of the things I love about blogging--well, at least food blogging--is the wonderful sense of sharing and community that I've discovered.

Rachel said...

I really enjoy your blog and I appreciate the recipe roundups. I plan to make the Artisan Bread and Pavlova recipes soon and lemon roasted cauliflower sounds good too. Thank you for doing all this work and sharing.