Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ask and Ye Shall Receive: Comment Feeds

By request, I have created two options for comment feeds for this blog - So when you leave me a comment (such as "where can I find nutritional yeast?" or "what can I substitute for amaranth flour?") you won't miss my response. This is also a great way to stay on top of what other fabulous readers are saying or asking about my recipes. I hope that the comments being more accessible and interactive will help foster conversation and community.

Full Comment Feed

To subscribe to have all the comments to every single post on this blog e-mailed to you or visible on your feed reader as they are posted, all you need to do is click here and follow the instructions. There is also a link to the comment feed on the left sidebar.

Single Post Comment Feed

If you wish to subscribe only to the comments for specific posts you have particular interest in (such as any post that you commented on, so that you can read what others have to say to you) but don't wish to read all comments to all other posts, this option is for you. You will find a link to this feed if you click on the title of a post to open that post up. Scroll down to the bottom of the comments. The link you're looking for says "Subscribe to: Post Comments". It will bring you to a page with all kinds of code on it. You will need to cut and paste the URL of this page into the appropriate area of your feed reader or other RSS service.

An Easier Way to Read Blogs

The vast majority of you read this blog via e-mail and I'd assume you probably read the rest of your favorite blogs that way, too. Others of you visit this blog directly on a regular basis. So once again, I have to put a plug in for Google Reader as one of the best and easiest ways to read all of your favorite blogs on one single page. You will never miss a post, and you don't even have to clog up your e-mail inbox! I subscribe to hundreds of blogs, all of which I read in one place when I log onto my Google Reader page each morning. It is one of the most wonderful internet innovations and I love not having to remember which websites I need to visit every day.

OK, now back to your regularly scheduled programming...

[P.S. That's "The Conversation" by Henri Matisse. I'd ask his permission but, you know, he's dead as a doornail.]


kbabe1968 said...

Hey're added as a link to my blog... Just wanted you to know you're there! :D

~M said...

Thanks, Gluten Free by the Bay, for the super-speedy reply! Just one more thing - can you post directions for bloggers how to enable these comment feeds? :)

arielle said...

just wanted to say that this is an amazing blog (i was just diagnosed with celiac this past weekend)! and also, could you let me know if/when you set up a syndication feed at livejournal? i use livejournal and it would be tremendously helpful to see your posts there, for me as well as for all the people there in the celiac community (!

ByTheBay said...

M: No problem at all... Glad I could be helpful. I probably won't be posting about that on this blog, since this blog tries to stay on focus about cooking, but if you'd like me to e-mail you instructions or some approximation thereof, please give me your e-mail address and I'll be more than happy to explain or send you a link that will explain how to do this :)

Arielle: Thanks so much for your note. And welcome to the wonderful world of gluten-free eating. There is already a syndication on LiveJournal. Just go to You will still have to click over to the blog to see comments, however. I post on the Celiac community on there, too... Can you figure out who I am? ::: grin :::

Joseph Dunphy said...

I just found your blog a few seconds ago. Looks great, and I'm loving that what I'm seeing is gluten-free and kosher.

Aslam said...

Your blog is beautiful.