Thursday, November 09, 2006

Eight Ball Squash Balsamica

My last Planet Organics produce box included these lovely little spherical summer squashes, a new variety called the Eight Ball squash. They have a feel and taste similar to zucchini.

eight ball squash
I used them in a brightly colored side dish. I sprinkled sliced squash with a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar and allowed the slices to absorb the sweet tartness of the vinegar for about 15 minutes. I then sauteed shallots and garlic in a large quantity of olive oil. I added the squash and sauteed over medium-high heat until they started to brown, then added some frozen oil-preserved basil. Just a minute before I turned the heat off, I threw in halved cherry tomatoes. "Eight Ball Squash Balsamica"... A taste of nostalgia for the long-gone summer.

eight ball squash

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Kalyn Denny said...

Mmm, it does sound good. Thanks for sharing the idea. Never thought of soaking the squash in balsamic before.