Sunday, July 15, 2007

Cooking for Karina: The Recipe Roundup

When fellow food-blogger Karina of Gluten-Free Goddess was diagnosed with a litany of food allergies in addition to celiac disease, she felt overwhelmed. To give Karina a hand in figuring out what she can eat now that she has all these food limitations, I sent a call out for participants in a Cooking for Karina food blogging event. The goal of this event was to create recipes that Karina can eat. This meant avoiding the following ingredients: Cow's milk, cheese, whey, casein, goat's milk, eggs, chicken, turkey, gluten (that includes wheat, barley, rye, spelt, kamut - and oats, to play on the safe side), peanuts, almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, soybeans, lemon, avocado, pineapple, papaya, green beans and kidney beans. A great variety of mouth-watering submissions poured in from all over the blogosphere (and all over the globe). I hope this is helpful for those of you who are struggling with multiple food sensitivities and allergies, and maybe even those of you who aren't. Dig in!

Ever the ally to those with dietary limitations, Kalyn of Kalyn's Kitchen crafted a wonderful raw recipe for Zucchini Salad with Tomato and Basil. (Photo above is courtesy of Kalyn.)

Meatballs a la Husband is a meaty contribution from Gluten Freedom.

Gluten-a-Go-Go isn't afraid to turn on the oven in the middle of summer, and baked up a wonderful gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free Olive Bread.

Lucy at the United Kingdom's Free From Blog cooked Karina some BlackEyed Bean Cakes with Ginger Onion Marmalade.

My own hot-weather contribution is Arugula Salad with Toasted Pumpkin Seeds & Grapefruit-Miso Dressing, made with fresh arugula picked from my garden. Use soy-free chickpea miso if you are allergic to soy.

Book of Yum is always out-yumming itself, this time with a two-course meal, Grilled Sesame Vegetables and Organic Farmer’s Market Fruit and Cashew Vanilla Cream

Peach Crisp for Karina is Sure Foods Living's offering to the Gluten-Free Goddess.

We'd go back to school in a minute for Gluten-Free Cooking School's easy vegetarian Vegetable Gumbo.

Wheat-Free, Meat-Free created a beautiful and vibrant Green Goddess Saute.

Sugar Delirium sent in a recipe for a fresh and colorful Quinoa with Tomatoes and Zucchini.

Coconut Rice with Mango would make a great breakfast in addition to being a delicious dessert. Thanks Mrs. GF!

TriniGourmet's inspired creation is a Carrot, Ginger and Cumin Salad.

The Chocolate Lady of In Mol Araan created a truly delicious looking non-traditional twist on a Jewish classic: Zucchini Hemp Seed Latkes.

If anyone knows about living with food allergies, it's AllergicGirl, who whipped up an Allergic Girl Variation on Burger Salad.

Italy's Lucullian Delights wins the prize for innovation in food presentation for her Zucchini Embraced Eggplant, Zucchini and Grilled Pepper Dice with Capers.

Smart & Tasty Kefir Power Smoothie is made with dairy-free coconut kefir to give you a shot of those much-needed probiotics. Thanks to CeliacChicks for this beverage creation.

Instead of creating a new recipe, A Veggie Venture dug through their archives to find not one but dozens of Karina-friendly recipes!

Freshtopia served up a beautiful raw Vegan Alfredo with Marinated Spagini. They also posted this companion instructional video:

Edited to add: Missy of lovingly prepared a Provencale Prawn Soup for Karina (apologies to Missy for initially forgetting to include this!)

Karina, you are appreciated and supported by your food blogging community. I hope this roundup serves as a reference you can use when you get that "I can't eat anything!" feeling. This roundup has given its participants an opportunity to focus on the positive - Emphasizing what you/we can eat instead of what is off limits - which has been a useful experience for many of us. Thank you for all of the inspiration you continue to give your food-blogging compatriots and all of your readers!


Kalyn said...

I continue to be inspired by your generosity in organizing this. What a lovely gesture and such a tribute to Karina. Great job, and thanks!

Slacker Mom (aka Mrs. GF) said...

This was a wonderful idea. Great job, I know it is time consuming, so thanks!

I bet karina is overwhelmed!

MissyZ said...

ne didn't make the grade? :-(

Some wonderful recipes here btw

Ilva said...

This was a beautiful initiative for a beautiful woman! Thanks!

ByTheBay said...

Oy - Missy, I'm so sorry - i have NO idea how that happened. I will add you in, just give me a moment. Apologies.

SusanV said...

I'm so sorry to have missed this! It looks like a wonderful bunch of recipes--very inspiring.

J. said...

I sent mine in too but don't see it... perhaps it is lost in cyberspace? I could send it again, it's a good one.

Karina Allrich said...

To Isaiah and Everyone -

Thank you for creating and participating in Gluten Free By The Bay's blogging event. The care and support really *IS* overwhelming.

I wish I could have you all over for dinner [and peach margaritas!].

Mucho hugs and kisses,


ByTheBay said...

J, Sorry to say I didn't receive your e-mail. I am happy to highlight your recipe in my next (upcoming) Gluten-Free Recipe Roundup, though... Sound good?

~Jaime said...

Sorry I didn't have my blog set up in time for Karina...but I have recipes on my site that are soy, dairy and gluten free. I know she has multiple-MULTIPLE allergies...but maybe there is something on there to help out!

Here is my site: said...

Hello all, very exciting to see all of the recipes up, we're looking forward to trying some of them out.

We'd like to put up a list of all the blogs/recipes on our site, to spread the word. Does anyone 1) NOT want to have thier blog linked to?, and 2) anyone else interested in doing the same?

All the best, and thanks for the kind words Karina!


the chocolate lady מרת שאקאלאד said...

A beautiful and creative round up to a brilliant event.

I am (gradually) labeling my existing non-allergenic posts with "Cooking for Karina (non-allergenic)" so that they can be more easily found. Have a look in the meantime at these exquisite peas
I would never have dreamed this up if not for your wonderful blog.

Karen said...

What a wonderful resource!!! I hope some of these recipes bring a smile to Karina's tastebuds.

Kleja said...

I assume that I didn't make it in because I didn't take pictures but What a wonderful collection. I have been referring to it ever since it was posted. Thanks!

Kleja said...
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mama o' the matrices said...

Phenomenal! I'm going to have fun with this post.

Oh, and tag:

Anonymous said...

The link for "Meatballs a la husband" is broken.