Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gluten-Free Passover Links for 2008

Dear friends, I am so very sorry that I have not had the time to do a real 2008 redux of the Great Gluten-Free Passover Roundup of 2007. Though I'm happy to say, last year's post is still every bit as relevant this year. Recipes don't age into oblivion like so many things in our world do, gratefully. Since I don't want to let the days slip into Passover without pointing new visitors in the direction of some gluten-free Pesach resources, I thought I'd quickly throw together a list of links that I hope will be helpful to new and old readers alike.

If you are not Jewish and are gluten-free... Good grief, people, what are you waiting for? Get thee to a kosher grocery store! This is the time of year to stock up on gluten-free delicacies, from blintzes (I have two packages in my freezer and can't wait to try them) to croutons to seven-layer cakes. Specifically, look for the label "non-gebrokts" to find products not made with matzo meal, and if a non-gebrokts product isn't also marked gluten-free (or even if it is) contact the company to verify gluten-free status to avoid potential cross-contamination from products made with matzo on the same line. The days after Passover are often a good time to get these items on sale, too.

I hope next year I will have more time and less stress around the holidays and be able to wow you with some new recipes, but for the time being, have a healthy and happy Passover.

Chag sameach!





Sarah said...

Thanks for the Passover tips!

I'm starting a Gluten Free Basics series tomorrow if you want to check it out. Thanks!

David Marc Fischer said...

Thanks for the nod! Also of interest might be my posts about Lieber's Knaidel Mix, which can be used to make gf "matzoh balls."

Here's one.

Karen said...

I do not celebrate passover, but admit I enjoy the food just as much! :)


Catherine said...

Another great set of resources as usual! Hope your gluten-free dinner went well last night.


Shannon said...

A girlfriend of mine sent me a link to the blog smittenkitten. She posted 17 flourless passover desserts. Almost all of them are gluten free. The other can easily be adapted. I have the exact link over on my blog. The Chocolatw Walnut Cookies look divine!